13 Rosas: The Film – Premiere

IMGP0023-800.jpgThe long-awaited film of the acclaimed account of the ‘Thirteen Roses’ by journalist, Carlos Fonseca, is premiered in September 2007.

Describing the tragic events of 5 August when thirteen young women were shot in Madrid for alleged revolutionary activity against the fascist regime, the film is a culmination of Spain’s increasing interest and awareness in the savage Francoist repression during and in the aftermath to the Civil War.

The film website (www.las13rosas.com) has generous video clips and background information, including a fascinating interview with director Emilio Martinez Lazar – in Spanish unfortunately, but still worth a visit, if only to watch the clips and hear some of the heartbreaking popular music of the period.

The UK Premiere of the contemporary flamenco production of ’13 Rosas’ by Los Arrieritos is presented in Birmingham this coming November.

Creative Commons License Photo by battsimon


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