Flamenco Guitar Lessons and Workshops


(Updated September 2009)

We are often asked about flamenco guitar lessons and workshops in and around Birmingham.

As with dance workshops, if there are any visiting guitarists or other instrumentalists in the city, we do our best to arrange a series of workshops or private lessons. Keep an eye on the website and RSS feed for updates.

For regular lessons, there are several flamenco guitar teachers in the West Midlands, and others around the UK that we can put you in touch with. Drop us an email and we’ll try to put you in touch with any teachers offering lessons near to you at the time.

E :: info@flamenco-birmingham.com

Creative Commons License Photo: mirando


  • Val Ramos says:
    Jun 30 at 09:25

    Flamenco guitar music has exploded all over the world with a wide range of Flamenco guitarists, from traditionalists to fusion/jazz/flamenco exponents.

    I prefer the balance between the traditional and the modern, a-la Paco de Lucia, of course.

    I’ve been doing my own thing, of course influenced by Paco, since 1994.

    For some samples of my work you can go to my website at:

    I hope you enjoy it!

    If you’re visiting the United States, northeast region (New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc.) check us out!


  • Arjun says:
    Sep 15 at 03:31

    Hi I’m interested in the in the flamenco guitar lesson and would like to enquire about lesson.

    Thanks, Arjun.

  • nick dalmedo says:
    Oct 1 at 06:00

    I live in lichfield and I’m looking for Biginners Flamenco lesson, I’ve played the accoustic steel string and electric guitar for some time. I’m looking for once a fortnight or weekly depending on length of lessons and my progress. thank you Nick

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