En Sus 13 come to Birmingham

Flamenco rojoAs part of the inaugural International Dance Festival Birmingham, we’re delighted to present three stars of the Spanish scene in a brand new flamenco show – En Sus 13 (meaning “to stick to one’s guns”).

Featuring Olga Pericet, Manuel Linan and Marco Flores, the trio perform at Birmingham Town Hall on Tuesday 6th May, 2008.

Also in May, the gypsy, jazz and flamenco ensemble The TG Collective perform at the Town Hall on Saturday 3rd, along with a whole series of flamenco dance, guitar and singing workshops at Birmingham’s DanceXchange with Ana Garcia, and visiting artists Olga Pericet, Antonia Jimenez and Jose Anillo.

Visit the What’s On page for full info and ticket details …

Creative Commons License photo credit: gotto78


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